How To Find The Best Bike Pump In 2015

In this article, we review the best bike pumps available in 2015. Buying a new bike pump isn’t always fun or exciting, but it’s one of the most important tools every cyclist needs. A high-quality product will make your cycling life a lot easier and should last a long time. The low-quality are likely to break – often when you need them most!

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image of Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump

Our Top Pick – Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump

Choosing a top rated product isn’t always easy though, especially considering the large number available. It’s important to research for one that’s reliable and provides the performance you need.

The first consideration is the type of pump. Floor versions are a vital part of any cyclist’s toolkit, as they provide a pressure gauge and other useful features. These aren’t easily portable though, so you’ll probably want to buy a hand version too. Other types include a frame pump, which fits inside the frame of a bike, and CO2 inflators.

Aside from the type, you also need to consider the maximum pressure, volume, size and valve type. If you need a portable one then the weight is also an important factor.

Finally, your budget is likely to decide the quality you can buy. More expensive ones tend to be built with metal rather than cheaper materials. These are likely to last much longer than plastic ones, as they don’t bend or deform. If you’re just getting started with biking, or are on a tight budget, there are some excellent cheap options available though.

We’ve searched through hundreds of options online to find the top three available in 2015. After finishing the reviews, we’re confident you’ll be ready to make a solid purchase.

Top 3 – Best Bike Pumps

image of Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump

Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump

1. Serfas TCPG Floor Pump

If you’re looking for a simple floor pump that isn’t too expensive, then the Serfas TCPG is one of the best available at the moment. It’s built with a nylon base and metal barrel, has a maximum capacity of 160 PSI and comes with a valve head that fits Schrader and Presta valves. It’s great and is available for only $35.

The TCPG has received over 1000 positive reviews on Amazon, making it one of the highest rated. A reviewer called “J. Allen” says that he uses it for both mountain and road bikes, and that he recommends it to all his cycling friends. He also mentioned that the pump is extremely durable and able to withstand plenty of rough treatment in the back of his car.

While some experienced cyclists might be put off by the nylon base, this is still a highly durable product that will last a long time. The nylon base also means that it’s relatively cheap, making it perfect for people on a tight budget.

image of Pump Me Up! Mini Bike Pump

Pump Me Up! Mini

2. Pump Me Up! Mini Bike Pump

The Pump Me Up! Mini Bike Pump is an excellent option if you need a portable pump to take with you on rides. It is made from durable aluminum alloy for extra strength, and is lightweight, compact and built with a 100 PSI capacity. Other features include a Velcro strap for attaching it to your bike and a lifetime warranty.

A reviewer called “Matthew D. Redmond” says that it’s a great mini-pump that provides excellent value for money. He adds that it is compact and light, and that he rarely notices that it’s attached to the bike until he needs it. Another reviewer says that it feels solid and is well-constructed.

The Pump Me Up! is an excellent choice for a mini, but keep in mind that it has a low volume due to its high pressure. This means you need to pump more times to inflate a tire to a high pressure. The compromise between pressure and volume is something you need to consider with any pump though, so this isn’t an issue specific to this one.

image of Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Floor Pump

Topeak Joe Blow Sport II

3. Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Floor Pump

Built with a steel base and barrel, the Joe Blow Sport II floor pump is one of the sturdiest options available for less than $50. If you’re looking for something durable that isn’t going to break easily, then the Topeak Joe Blow Sport II is a great choice. Other features include an attractive yellow color scheme, large handles for extra comfort and an extra long hose. It also works with both Schrader and Presta valves.

The Joe Blow Sport II has received outstanding reviews from hundreds of buyers on Amazon. A reviewer called “Jason” says that it has worked well for him considering the price, and that the wide handle makes it comfortable to use. Another reviewer mentions that it handles high pressures with ease.

One reviewer reports that the pressure gauge isn’t as accurate as more expensive models. While it’s useful to have a pressure gauge, a small lack of accuracy isn’t a major problem, especially at a price point of less than $50. If you need an accurate pressure gauge for more precise inflation, then you’ll probably want to look at a more expensive option.


Whether you’re an avid cyclist, or just enjoy the occasional casual ride, owning a top rated bike pump is essential. While you can get by with just a mini, floor pumps make things a lot easier in the long run.

Before you start looking for one, make sure you know what type you want to buy. Also think about the pressure you need, and whether you would be better off buying a lower pressure but higher volume one. Also keep in mind the durability – especially if you plan on taking it with you on trips.

We recommend the Serfas TCPG to anyone looking for an option costing less than $50. It’s a simple model that’s relatively cheap, but is built with a durable metal barrel and has a 160PSI capacity. If you need a floor pump but don’t know which one to choose, the TCPG is a great option.

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