How To Look Like A Pro (Cyclist)

image of how to look like a pro cyclist 1When you are riding your bike, you want to look more like a professional bicyclist, and less like someone just learning to ride without training wheels. There are many things you can do to make yourself look like a professional when riding a bike, and here are some of the best tips to make it happen.

First, you need a helmet. Many think that helmets aren’t cool, but neither is having a brain injury because you fell and hit your head. Always wear your helmet, but when you are done riding your road bike, take your helmet off. It isn’t professional to continue to wear your helmet when you are in a coffee shop. As for the color, always go with a white helmet.

Next up, you need to shave your legs. Shaving your legs when you are riding in shorts can help you with aerodynamics, funny enough, but it also gives you a nice smooth look that matches the look of a rider. It is something easy you can do, and it will make you feel cooler, temperature-wise, when you are on a bike, rather than if you have hairy legs or are wearing jeans. Oh, and on that note, don’t wear jeans when you are riding a bike.

image of being a pro biker 1If you want to look professional when riding, then you need to make sure that you have everything matching. Essentially, your bicycle jersey needs to match your socks, your arm warmers, and your helmet if you can. If you mix and match, you are not going to look professional, and you can bet that people are going to notice. Find a look that you like and go with it. If you want to look professional, buy only bike apparel, instead of wearing a t-shirt and shorts that you fished out of the closet.

Another way to look professional is to clip out like a professional. A good way to tell the difference between a new rider and a professional one is to see how soon they clip out before coming to a stop. A new rider will do so a block before they are stopping while a professional rider will come to a full stop before clipping out.
If you are going to have your mp3 player on, there are some things to remember. First, you probably shouldn’t have headphones on when riding a bike because you want to hear everything around you. If you need to have headphones on, don’t wear them on a group ride because it is very rude to do so. The smaller the headphones, the better. If they are big and large, it won’t look professional, go for the ear-bud design instead.

A simple way to look professional is to have nothing on your bike that doesn’t look professional. This means no mirrors on your helmet; no reflector strips taped, no flashing lights, no stuffed animals on the handlebar, etc. Yes, have LEDs so people can see you, but that is it. Don’t have any saddle bags. If you need to, pull something with the bike but you shouldn’t have to do that when riding.

Keep your chain cool. A good sign of a rookie bike rider is someone who has a grease chain streak on their leg. Always clean your chain, as much as once per week, depending on how often you are using it.

If you are riding with a group, do so side by side, shoulder to shoulder. Never ride more than two people abreast and never allow more than six inches between your front wheel and their rear wheel. You should always maintain a distance of 12 inches from the rider next to you and listen to the person who is calling everything out because they are directing everyone. Keep the group tight to look professional.

If the weather is cold, wear leg warmers. In the summer, never wear a sleeveless jersey as this is a sign of a rookie rider. Real riders have tan lines. If you need extra ventilation with your shirt, cut a strip in the seam with a pair of scissors. You should never wear a headband or a bandana, always a cycling cap.

That is all there is to looking cool when you are riding a bike. It is about looking cool but looking professional and feeling good about yourself when you are on the road, riding on the weekend, or to and from work.

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