Our Top Rated Hybrid Bikes For Women In 2015

In this article, we review the best hybrid bikes for women in 2015. Hybrids are probably the best type for commuting or leisure riding. They can handle off-road trails, especially if built with a front suspension fork, but are also fast on roads. If you need something versatile that’s ideal for towns or cities, a hybrid is a great choice.

Image of best hybrid bikes for women

Our Top Pick – Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike

It’s important to understand that it’s not always necessary to buy women’s bikes. Some female cyclists prefer the fit of men’s bikes, while others just want access to more choices. There are some physical differences between the genders though, and women’s are built to provide the optimum fit. We recommend looking at that first, and then moving to unisex or men’s if you can’t find a model that suits your requirements.

While there’s nothing forcing you to buy a women’s bicycle, they do have a number of genuine advantages (check out our bike computer picks to improve your training). Firstly, the frame structure is different. The top tube usually slants down, so it is easier to mount. The top tube is also often shorter, as women tend to have shorter torsos than men, which provides a more comfortable riding position. Other common differences include the seat shape, handlebar size and stem length.

One of the frustrating things about trying to find a top rated women’s hybrid is that there are fewer choices available. On the plus side, this narrows down your options and makes it easier to decide on one.

Whether you decide to buy a women’s bike or not, there are a number of things to consider. The most important is the type of riding you plan on doing. Are you mainly going to be using it for commuting on roads? Or do you want to take it off-road for longer rides? The best women’s hybrids are versatile, but some are more suitable for off-road than others.

Other considerations include whether you need suspension, the frame material and the type of brakes. Components, such as the derailleur and shifters, are also important.

If you want to buy a women’s hybrid, this article is designed to make your decision easier. We’ve found the top three for women, according to user reviews and specifications, and listed them below. Each of these provides strong performance and outstanding value for money.

Top 3 – Best Hybrid Bikes for Women

Image of Schwinn Discover Women's Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid

1. Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid

The Schwinn Discover is one of the most popular women’s hybrid bikes available at the moment. It’s built for both speed and comfort, with an aluminum frame and front suspension fork. Other features include Promax pull breaks, SRAM 21-speed shifters, Shimano rear derailleur and an upright handlebar position.

Reviews of the Schwinn Discover have been very positive, averaging 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon. A reviewer called “Vanessa” says it is comfortable to ride and looks great. Another reviewer adds that it performs well on both roads and trails.

The lack of disc brakes may be disappointing for some. Fortunately, linear pull breaks still provide a lot of stopping power, and are suitable for most applications. They are also much cheaper, which is one of the reasons for the low price of the Discover.

Note: The Discover is available for both men and women, with different frames for each gender. Make sure you choose the right option.

Image of XDS Women’s Cross 200 Hybrid Bike

XDS Women’s Cross 200 Hybrid

2. XDS Women’s Cross 200 Hybrid Bike

The XDS Cross 200 women’s hybrid is a sleek and stylish model that combines speed with durability. With an HL front suspension fork and lightweight alloy frame, it’s comfortable to ride and suitable for off-road trails. It also comes with a Shimano derailleur and 21-speed shifter.

The Cross 200 has received positive reviews from buyers. One reviewer, called “Fran Brown,” says that it’s perfect for riding around her neighborhood and is great value for money. She also adds that it’s comfortable and smooth to ride.

Assembly of the XDS Cross 200 is straightforward but does take some time. A reviewer mentioned that she took hers for tuning at a professional shop as the brakes were difficult to adjust. This is a good idea, and something we recommend for any bike you buy online.

image of Critical Cycles Dutch Style Hybrid Bike

Critical Cycles Dutch Style Hybrid

3. Critical Cycles Dutch Style Hybrid Bike

The Critical Cycles Dutch Style is built with a distinctive appearance – but don’t let that trick you into thinking this isn’t serious. It comes with a number of high-quality components, including a Shimano drivetrain and lightweight steel frame. If you need something for commuting or riding around town, then this is one of the best options. It is also available in several different colors.

Most reviewers on Amazon have given this one positive reviews. A buyer called “Zutsalors” wrote that the bike provides great performance for the price. She also loves the style, and often gets compliments about the bike.

The design of the Critical Cycles Dutch Style hybrid isn’t for everyone. It’s certainly not going to appeal to people who like the sleek and modern look. If you want retro-style that stands out from the crowd, however, then it’s an excellent option with a number of high-quality components.


Hybrids are perfect if you need something for everyday life. While they lack the speed of dedicated road bicycles and the ruggedness of mountain models, hybrids provide the best of both worlds. Despite the relatively small number of women’s hybrids on the market, there are some excellent options available.

When buying a hybrid it’s important to think about the type of riding you want to do. Some models come with suspension and large wheels, which makes them more suitable for off-road trails. Others have thinner tires and no suspension for faster performance on roads. Hybrids can generally cope with any terrain, but some are better suited to off-road trails than others.

We’re confident in saying the Schwinn Discover is the best hybrid for a women. It’s a stylish model that is built with a number of high-quality components, such as SRAM shifters and a Shimano derailleur. The front suspension fork and upright handlebar also make it comfortable to ride on almost any surface.

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