5 Fantastic Fixie Bikes – 2016 Edition

In this post, we’re here to help you find the best cheap fixie bike available in 2016. Fixie bikes – also known as “fixed gear” – have grown in popularity in recent years. While inexpensive fixies are nothing new, they are perfect for city riding and are also low maintenance. If you want to get some exercise while commuting or traveling around town, fixie bikes are a great option.

So what has caused the surge in popularity? Firstly, the lack of gears means that there isn’t much that can go wrong during a ride. There is also no chance of damaging a derailleur from leaning it against others on a rack, which is a common problem for cyclists in cities.

The lack of a freewheel means that the pedals on a fixie always turn with the wheel. You can’t coast on it, so you burn more calories. An additional benefit is that if it gets stolen it’s not a disaster – an issue that, unfortunately, isn’t rare in big cities.

Top 3 Picks – Reviewed

We understand that buying a fixed gear bike can be confusing, so we’ve searched the internet for the top rated budget fixed gear bike. If you aren’t sure which one to buy, these three models are a great place to start.

1. Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Urban

image of Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road BikeThe Urban is a popular fixie with an attractive design. It is built with a steel frame for extra durability and comes with a flip-flop hub. Other components include a KMC chain and Promax brakes.

The bike has many different colors, ranging from matte black to blue/aqua. Customization is one of the things people love about fixies, so being able to choose from such a range of colors is a bonus. It is also available with three different frame sizes.

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While it appears that most reviewers are happy with the comfort of the bicycle, there is a small group of people that say the seat is uncomfortable. This is fairly common issue at this price point, and seats are inexpensive to replace if it becomes an issue.

2. Vilano Fixie (Single Speed)

image of Vilano Fixed Gear Bike Fixie Single Speed Road BikeThe Vilano is a stylish model that looks more like a racer than the Critical Cycles model above. There are a variety of different colors, such as white, Grey/Orange and Black/Red.

The frame is made from steel, making it a highly durable model that will last for years with proper maintenance. It also comes with a flip-flop rear hub.

It’s true that the Vilano Fixie is far from the highest performance model you can buy. It does, however, provide excellent value for riders.

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3. Vilano Rampage

image of Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Road BikeThe Vilano Rampage has an eye-catching design and excellent performance. It’s built with high-tensile steel and a double walled Deep-V wheelset. The hubs are also anodized to match the wheels.

There are a number of color options for the Rampage, along with several frame sizes. Examples include a bold black and red scheme and cheerful champagne and orange combination.

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If you are an experienced rider, you may need to do some minor tuning to get it to perform its best. We recommend all bicycles should be professionally fitted and tuned after assembly though, so this isn’t an issue that is unique to the Rampage.

Fixie Video Overview

Final Thoughts

While fixies are, in principle, less complex, this doesn’t always make it easy to choose the best one. There are a large number of models available, and the right choice depends on a combination of factors including appearance and budget.

There are some unique considerations when buying this style compared to multi-gear models. It only has one gear, it’s important to make sure the one you choose has a gear ratio that matches your riding requirements. The hub of a fixie – which is designed to allow backward pedaling – is also an important consideration. Some will come with a flip-flop rear hub, for example, which can be changed between a fixed and freewheel setting.

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And The Winner Is

Cheap fixed gear bikes are a fun and convenient option if you want to ride in cities or towns. They are durable and lightweight, and take a lot of the complexity out of riding a bike. They also tend to come with more options for customization than their multi-gear counterparts.

It’s important to consider the type of riding you are going to use it for (such as hills, flat streets or even racing) and choose a fixie with an appropriate gear ratio. If you are new to fixed gear riding, or just want the option of switching to freewheel, then a bike with a flip-flop rear hub is a good option.

The Critical Cycles Fixed Gear is an excellent choice if you aren’t sure which one to buy. It is durable, has a flip-flop hub and is available in a variety of colors. It is also built with a number of brand name components – such as Wanda Tires and Well-Go pedals – which is not the case for many other inexpensive fixed gear models.

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