Vilano Shadow Road Bike Review

Image of  Vilano Shadow Road Bike - Shimano STI Integrated Shifter

Vilano Shadow – Shimano STI Integrated Shifter

In this article, we review the Vilano Shadow Road Bike. It’s a top entry level bike and ideal for commuters, exercise, joy riding, and bicycle club rides. It offers a lightweight aluminum frame and a built in headset which reduces the assembly process.

The Vilano Shadow offers some features that you do not typically find on entry level bikes. It has quite a few high end features without the high end pricing. It is a great bicycle to get started with if you want to bike more and need a reliable model to do it with.

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Integrated Shimano Brake Lever Shifters

As someone that is new to biking keeping it as simple as possible is key but you do not want to give up any functions either. The integrated brake lever shifters make shifting gears easier for the novice. Shimano is a highly regarded name in the biking world so this one gets a big thumbs up for using Shimano parts.

Double Butted Aluminum Frame with Integrated Headset

The double butted aluminum frame with headset built in is a lightweight yet sturdy frame. The integrated headset allows for greater control which is nice for someone that is new to biking. The frame is durable and with stand some punishment.

Features and Specifications

As a newbie you can live without certain features but you have to have other features that make riding easier and safer.

  • Alloy crankshaft for easier shifting
  • The brakes are dual pivot alloy calipers
  • Saddle seat is Anatomic Comfort
  • A threadless fork
  • 14 speeds
  • Integrated Shimano brake lever shifters-shift gears and brake with one easy to use integrated system

All of the above features make this an ideal entry level option.

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bikerBlackIsolatedCustomer Reviews and Scores

This is a smart choice for entry level riding. It is a well-built bicycle that has all the design features that a new rider can benefit from. The integrated gear shift/braking lever adds to the safety of this model because when you are new to biking it can be easy to get disorientated with multiple levers and hit the wrong lever when you are trying to stop.

72 people that have purchased this gave it 4.2 stars on a 5-star rating scale. Most consumers were very happy with their purchase a reviewer commented that they took it to their local bicycle shop to ensure they had assembled everything correctly and even the mechanic at the shop said it was a great deal for an entry level bike.

Actually every person that rated it said they loved it except one rater that gave it one star because the package arrived damaged when it was delivered.

People are happy with the performance and left comments like “the wheels are true and it gives a great ride” and “I am new to biking and have really enjoyed riding this bike”.

This is a great entry level bike at a really great price. It is highly recommended for anyone that is in the entry level market.

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The Vilano Shadow is a great entry level bike because it offers the features that are most important. The price is great which also makes it a good choice. As an entry level cyclist not spending too much money is simply the smarter way to go.

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