What’s The Best Bike Brand in 2016?

In this article, we review the best bike brands of 2016. If you’ve decided to buy a new bike, it can be easy to get caught up in researching individual components and forget about the big picture.

While a brand may only manufacture the frame, especially on more expensive models, this is one of the most important parts. The best bike brands are also experts at choosing components that provide a strong all-around ride, while keeping costs low.

Brand & Bike


Our Rating

Diamondback Trace Sport Complete (our top pick)



Schwinn Men's Network 3.0 700C



Giordano Libero 1.6



Vilano FORZA 3.0

Fixed Gear


Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear



Aside from the bike itself, you should research the warranty. Top bicycle brands offer generous warranties and excellent customer service. It’s important to check the terms and conditions of any warranty before you buy though – especially if you are buying through a third-party store. Many warranties are only valid if the bicycle is professionally assembled.

Diamondback Bikes

Diamondback has built a reputation for manufacturing excellent entry-level mountain bikes. While many cyclists view Diamondback as a brand for beginners, the company manufactures more expensive mountain models too. If you’re looking for a solid brand you can trust, Diamondback is one of the best options. The company also manufactures a range of women’s products. We’re proud to call them our, “Top Bike Brand in 2016.”

Diamondback Trace Complete Dual Sport Bike

image of Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Trace Sport Complete Dual Sport BikeThe Diamondback Trace is designed to be fast on roads yet also suitable for trails. It is built with a sleek aluminum alloy frame, including forged dropouts to increase its durability. Other features include a steel fork, for more accurate and precise steering, and Tektro disc brakes. The Trace is built with Shimano derailleurs and shifters.

The Diamondback Trace is relatively expensive for an entry-level model. Most people would agree that the mix of steel front fork, high-quality components and disc brakes make it worth the money though.

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Schwinn Bikes

Schwinn is a popular entry-level brand that manufactures a range of different styles and models. Whether you’re looking for an aggressive hardtail mountain bicycle, or just want a folding style for commuting, Schwinn manufacture some excellent options for beginners.

Schwinn bikes are popular because they provide true value for money. Many of the company’s bikes perform better than more expensive models. Some Schwinn models are also available with both men’s and women’s frames.

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Schwinn Network 3.0 Hybrid

image of Schwinn Men's Network 3.0 700C Hybrid Bicycle, White, 18-InchThe Schwinn Network 3.0 is the latest in the company’s line of entry-level hybrids. It’s built with an aluminum frame and front suspension fork, along with Shimano shifters and rear derailleur. It also comes with a comfortable handlebar position that promotes an upright riding style.

Many say that the bike is lightweight and fast to ride. They also says that he enjoys riding with the upright style, as it’s much more comfortable than most road bicycles.

While the Network 3.0 certainly isn’t going to win any awards for performance, this is reflected in the low price. If you need a bike for commuting and the occasional leisure ride, then it’s a good option.

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Giordano Bikes

Giordano’s mission statement is to provide amateur road cyclists with the performance of more expensive models. The company takes their inspiration from Italian cycling history, and focuses on quality and safety. If you’re looking for a durable product that will last a long time, Giordano won’t let you down.

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Giordano Libero 1.6 Road Bike

image of Giordano Libero 1.6 Men's Road Bike-700cThe Libero 1.6 is one of the company’s most popular road models. It’s built with a lightweight aluminum frame and a Shimano STI drive train. It also comes with an aluminum 50-34 crank, which is designed to make riding up hills less difficult.

While it’s true that cycling enthusiasts will probably want to upgrade some of the components on the Libero 1.6, it’s an excellent entry-level bike.

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Vilano Bikes

Vilano have become well-known for their excellent range of fixed gears, although the company also manufactures mountain and road models. Vilano fixies usually have eye-catching designs and smooth performance, while the company’s road bikes, in particular, are known to provide exceptional value. If you’re looking for a commuter style, then almost any product in the Vilano range could be a good option.

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Pure Fix Bikes

Pure Fix has a reputation for manufacturing bicycles with unique and interesting designs. The company mainly focuses on producing high-quality fixed gear bikes for commuting and casual riding. If you want one that stands out from the crowd, then Pure Fix models are a great choice. The Pure Fix Dutch Style Cruiser, in particular, is one of the most charismatic fixies available at the moment.

Pure Fix Fixed Gear Urban Road Bike

image of Pure Fix Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Fixie Road BikeThe Pure Fix Urban is a stylish, retro fixie that’s one of the most popular models on Amazon. It’s available in over 20 different color schemes and several different sizes. The Pure Fix Urban is far more than just a good looking bike though – it’s built with a high-tensile steel frame and other branded components. The Pure Fix Urban also has a flip-flop rear hub.

The main downside of this product is the tires. Unfortunately, they are not as high quality as other fixies, and several reviewers mention issues with them. The tires are relatively cheap to replace, however, and the rest of the bike provides great value.

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Choosing a bicycle can be difficult. Aside from your budget and personal riding requirements, you also need to consider the size, frame material, components and more. You shouldn’t overlook the brand, as it can have a big effect on the quality. Good bike brands produce bikes that are well-constructed, provide value for money and are backed by a strong warranty or guarantee.

Diamondback is one of the top brands around at the moment. The company’s models often include components you’d expect to see on more expensive models. Diamondback also provides excellent support for online buyers – which cannot be said about some other brands.

The great thing about Diamondback is that they produce a range of bicycles for almost every type of riding. Whether you need a hybrid, mountain or even a kid’s bike, Diamondback probably manufactures a model that fits your requirements.

Unlike brands such as Schwinn, which focus on entry-level models, there are Diamondback models ranging up to $5000 and more. This means the company knows exactly how to produce a top performance model and this experience shows in their entry-level products.