Review – Strider 12 Sport No Pedal Balance Bike

image of Strider 12 Sport No-Pedal Balance Bike

Strider 12 Sport No-Pedal

In this article, we review the Strider 12 Sport No Pedal Balance Bike. There is a better way to teach a child how to ride a two-wheeler than messing with training wheels and watching them get frustrated trying to pedal. A toddler as young as 18 months can enjoy learning to ride a two-wheeler on it.

Strider is well known for producing a great range of bicycles, and the Strider 12 is no exception. It is just the right tool to get a child used to riding a two-wheeler so that by the time they are ready to pedal they will make the transition nicely.

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The Best Size

There are other balance bikes on the market that offer decent features, but the Strider offers the lowest seat height in the industry. The lower seat height allows toddlers to climb on board and sit comfortably with their feet on the floor until they are ready to scoot along. Being the right size is imperative for the child to build trust and to feel comfortable when riding.

Extra Post and Seat

image of toddlerIt includes an extra, longer post and an extra larger banana seat for when your child grows so that it meets the needs of your child as they grow. When Strider puts 18 months to 5 years use on their product they really mean you will get that much use out of it. They make sure that your child can continue to enjoy their bicycle throughout the years.

Features and Specifications

The Strider 12 Sport No Pedal Balance Bike offers all the features parents and kids love.

  • Lightweight frame with no maintenance wheels.
  • Mini Saddle seat that is the perfect size for toddlers
  • Mini handlebar grips for a toddlers little hands
  • A handlebar safety pad to prevent injuries
  • 5lbs total weight
  • Includes XL seat and pole to grow with your child

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Customer Reviews and Scores

The sturdy steel frame combined with the 11 inch adjustable seat height clearly is the reason these products sell like hotcakes if you consider what reviewers had to say. 790 people reviewed it.

It earned a 4.6 overall score on a 5-star scale. Every person that purchased it was happy with the performance and quality of the bike.

Some reviewers did not award a full five stars, not because of the quality. There are a couple of bizarre reasons for the rating. Their children were a little bigger than the average size toddler, or they were already four years old when they purchased it.

Most reviewers were extremely happy with their purchase and left comments like “my son loves it, he jumped right on and has used it every day for the last three months”.

Overall, this is a high-quality product that makes transitioning to a two wheeler with pedal very easy. It is best to buy this when your toddler is about 18 months. That’s because it will become natural for them to ride it. This will pay off when it is time to transition to a “big” kid’s bike.

It is highly recommended by over 750 parents that have purchased it. That is a great number of recommendations from satisfied customers.

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The Strider 12 No Pedal Balance Bike is a great tool in teaching your child to ride a two wheeler. It will become natural for them to get on a bicycle and pedal without the headache of training wheels. It is a fun way to learn.

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