Review of the Kazam Balance Bike

image of KaZAM Balance Bike v2e

KaZAM v2e

In this article, we review the Kazam Balance Bike. This balance bicycle is a consumer favorite! It is made to last and is super durable. It has some key features that you just won’t find on other models. The patented frame offers the stability you won’t find elsewhere.

It can help children as young as 3 and as old as six prepare for the transition to a two wheeler and feel confident and comfortable. It is a great option for anyone with a little kid.

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The Patented Frame

The patented frame has a foot rest that makes gliding around easy. The steel frame is durable yet lightweight. Its unique shape makes it easy for little ones to get on and off of it without any help. Being able to maneuver it without any intervention easily builds confidence.

Air Inflated Tires

Many other models on the market have one common: failing in the tire department. Most of the competitors do not use “real” tires. They use hard rubber or even plastic tires that just do not cut the muster when it comes to ride and safety. The air inflated tires on the Kazam Balance Bike is a nice high-quality feature.

Features and Specifications

the Kazam Classic Balance Bike is certainly not short on features.

  • Patented steel frame with footrest
  • No tool required adjustable seat
  • Air inflated tires
  • Steel spokes
  • Padded handlebar grips
  • Raised molded seat
  • No friction metal headset
  • Chrome adjustable handlebars

The entire set up of this product can be summed up in one word: quality.

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image of dart boardCustomer Reviews and Scores

It offers all the bells and whistles without the bells and whistle pricing that you find on other high-quality models. 276 consumers that bought this product left reviews, and the comments are overwhelmingly positive. It received a score of 4.4 stars out of a possible five stars.

Every reviewer but a small percentage found this to be a great investment. The lower score turned out to be not accurate since several reviewers wrote that they “loved it and wanted to give it five stars” but somehow they clicked on one star which lowered the overall rating.

One reviewer left a comment that it did not balance on its own. They left a lower rating, but the bike is not meant to balance on its own; it is meant to teach the child how to balance a bike.

Another reviewer complained that the seat pointed downward but of all the reviews and comments that were left there did not seem to be evidence that the design of the seat was faulty. Overall everyone seems to love it and are impressed by the sturdy

There was plenty of evidence that the product arrives in the condition expected and works as it should judging by the jubilant comments followed by multiple exclamation points.

It comes highly recommended for children from 3-6. It is designed well, and the patented frame makes it so easy for the children to get on and off.

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After completing our review, we’re confident recommending the Kazam Classic Balance Bike; it is a great choice for anyone that wants to remove the obstacles that are present when trying to teach a child how to navigate a two wheeler.

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