Awesome Mountain Bike Training Exercises

image of best mountain bike workout tips 1If you are going to start mountain biking, you need to train yourself for it. Nothing is worse than not being ready for mountain biking because you didn’t train your body for it. There are many exercises that can make the mountain biking easier, more fun and safer. Follow these training exercises to get the most out of your body when riding in the mountains.

You need strong legs to be mountain biking, so squats are important. Squats help to strengthen your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. With your feet shoulder-width apart, come down and bend your hips and knees but don’t let your knees go past your toes. Stop when you are parallel to the floor. Come back up, pressing through your heels.

Next, you can do push-ups. These will strengthen your upper body while toning your arms, chest, and shoulders. Place your hands shoulder-width apart, bring your chest close to the floor but don’t touch it, and then push back up. We all know how push-ups work, so this is an easy one to do.

At this point, do some lunges. Lunges will strengthen your hamstrings and your quads. Start with your feet shoulder-length apart and then step forward, putting most of your weight on the bent front leg. Make sure your leg is bent and as you come up, press your weight through the heel. Repeat with the other leg, keeping your chest out, core tight and spine in a neutral position.

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Running is a great way to switch it up!

Bent over rows is another exercise you can try. This will balance your body and keep you from being too dominant with your chest when riding a bike. This exercise will also work your arms and your back. Start with your feet in a stagger position, and have your body bent, parallel to the ground. Lift up the weight, keeping your core tight, then lower it and repeat with the other arm.

Planks are one of the toughest things you can do in your workout and people hate them, but they are excellent for strengthening your core. They are also great at building up the endurance in your arms, core muscles and your shoulders. Keep your elbows and spine as straight as possible and hold the plank position for a certain length of time without twisting your body or sagging at the waist. You should do three sets of 20 repetitions, with a break of half a minute between each set. Hold each for 25 seconds.

Deadlifts are easy to do, and they will strengthen your legs immensely. All you need to do is balance on one leg, lean forward and make sure your spine is straight with the leg out behind you. Once your upper body is parallel to the floor, you can stop and move back down.

These exercises will not only get you ready for mountain biking, they will make you feel very healthy and will help you get the most out of your body and your health. These exercises will strengthen you and get you ready for the mountain bike season.

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